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CALL: 506-449-1104

Healthy Living Coach
Personal Trainer
Bootcamp Instructor
Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner

For the past three years Naomi's focus on the fitness industry has been aimed at her role as a personal trainer in the city of Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick.
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George Filliter - Running Program Designer

George started running in the fall of 1980 in order to loose weight. Initially he ran by himself in the evenings because back then there were no "learn to run groups". But as both his endurance and competence...
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Personal Trainer
Bootcamp Instructor

Physical activity has played an important roll in Ashley's life. For the past three years Ashley's focus on the fitness and nutrition industry in Fredericton, NB has been constant. Ashley experienced a major change in her life with losing weight and learning how to eat right.
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