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Weight Loss Program: Why It Works

Why Inches Weight Loss Works ... and Diets do not.

  • Diets are not balanced.
  • They recommend foods that stimulate the wrong hormonal reaction to burn fat and lose weight. Diets are not personalized.
  • They use a one-size-fits-all concept, which fails to take into account your own specific requirements. Diets are not easy.
  • They are far to restrictive and difficult to follow, and certainly are not something you can employ for a lifetime.

High Protein Diets:
Restrict intake of carbohydrates.

    Numerous side effects:
  • Causes ketosis, which causes lean muscle loss, which in turn slows your metabolism causing your body to burn fewer calories and less fat.
  • Headaches, dizziness, fatigue, low blood sugar, muscle wasting, nausea, body odor, and bad breath.
  • Long-term results are dismal.
  • Excessive protein and fat calories can stimulate the storage of fat.

Low Fat/High Carbohydrate Diets:

  • Restricts eating adequate amounts of healthy protein & fat, which leads too muscle mass loss, which in turn slows down your metabolism resulting in fewer calories and fat being burnt.
  • Far too high in carbohydrates, which spikes blood sugar levels and elevates the fat storing hormone insulin, which prevents you from burning fat efficiently.
  • High carbohydrate diets are deficient in essential fats, which leaves you feeling hungry all the time.

Low Calorie Diets:

  • Low calorie diets have been proven not to work and should only be done under medical supervision as their side effects can be severe.
  • Low in essential fats, which help you stay healthy and help with the fat burning process.
  • Far too low in quality protein, causing muscle breakdown, amino acid deficiencies, and slower metabolism (body burns less fat).
  • Restricts intake of carbohydrates, causing ketosis, which results in dehydration, lean body tissue loss, bad breath and body odor.
  • When you return to eating a mixed diet, dramatic fluid retention, swelling & rapid weight gain occur.

Diet patches, Herbal Pills, & Diet Pills:

  • Highly addictive with potentially serious side effects.
  • Muscle loss in your arms, legs and more importantly your heart.
  • Can affect the heart and central nervous system.
  • Loaded with stimulants and appetite suppressants that reduce hunger resulting in your body thinking it is starving and thus starts storing fat. Any resulting weight loss is muscle and water weight with very little fat loss.

Why Our Program Works So Well:

Reason #1
The Inches Weight Loss program is not a diet, but a balanced nutritional program.

To provide a well-balanced program, the foods you eat must contain all of the essential nutrients in the amounts appropriate for good health.

Essential nutrients are those that your body cannot make and must obtain from an outside source.

  • Carbohydrates provide the glucose for your brain, energy for your body and they prevent ketosis.
  • Protein provides amino acids needed to build and repair body proteins.
  • Fat supplies the fatty acids critical for blood sugar control, appetite suppression, and hormone production.
  • Vitamins and minerals are critical for proper body function
  • Water is an essential nutrient that brings nourishment to your body and waste away.

The Inches Weight Loss program is simply balanced nutrition made easy!

Reason # 2
The Inches Weight Loss program is personalized.

Our program is a nutrition program that is personalized for your individual requirements.

Unlike any other diet program INCHES provides meal plans that have been painstakingly personalized to fit your individual requirements.

We ensure you receive your perfect balance. Because too much food will slow weight loss, but too little food will slow your metabolism and just as easily inhibit fat loss.

Adequate Calories are Vital for Weight Loss and Longevity.

Reason # 3
The Inches Weight Loss program is EASY!!!

We do all the work.

We become your personal nutrition coach ensuring you reach your goals.

And with our balanced nutrition ratio, no food is really off-limits when used in moderation and within our proper ratio!

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