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Featured Product: CheeCha Puffs

Only 90 calories in 2 cups! These cheecha puffs pack a powerful taste with few calories! They are lacking in the fibre so make sure to get your daily fibre intake when using Cheecha puffs for a snack. I like to use them as croutons on top of my salads! You can find these at the bulk barn, and in the health food section at the grocery stores! Flavors range from cheese, dill pickle, salt and pepper, and lime!

Product: Simply Egg Whites
Tired of cracking an egg and wasting the yoke? Then try simply egg whites! 1/4 cup equals 2 egg whites! Use this product in the avocado scrambler! An excellent & cheap way to get your protein in! [Read More...]

Product: Chapman's Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
This is amazing! For 1/2 a cup it is only 100 calories, 5 grams of fibre and only 9 grams of sugar! Only sold at Superstore! ENJOY! [Read More...]

Product: WASA cracker
Wasa crackers are great for a snack. You can pair them with natural peanut butter or almond butter! They are also good with cottage cheese or ricotta cheese on top with some blueberries!

[Read More...]