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CALL: 506-449-1104

Fitness: Personal Training: Personal Training Program - Group (3-5 People)

We offer one-on-one personal training, buddy personal training and group personal training. If you do not like exercising in a larger group or have a specific goal to achieve or your schedule simply cannot fit with the bootCamps or running programs than personal training is the way to go! You can choose which trainer you want to help you reach your goals or you can even split trainers! All trainers offer the first consultation free! Call today and book a consult, we will go over your needs and goals and then recommend a fitness plan suited just for you! Most of our training is done outside or at your home, we do not go to a public gym! We bring the gym to you!

City: Various Locations
When: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: Outside or at your home - we bring the gym to you!
Dates: 1/1/2010 -
Instructor: You choose!
Price: $40.00 | 1 session (per person)
$160.00 | 4 sessions (40 per session per person)
$280.00 | 8 sessions (35 per session per person)
$360.00 | 12 sessions (30 per session per person)