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Blog: Don't get stuck with

Back to school…it’s filled with so much excitement. For returning students, you’ve been away from your friends, you are another year closer to being done…for new students it’s a whole new world…just waiting to be explored. Unfortunately, for most students, there is the dreaded “freshman 20” that seems to creep up and before you know it, Christmas vacation is here, and you need a new wardrobe because everything has “shrunk”, everything that is except your waistline.

Why do we gain in our first year or years of school? Well simple really, when we were home, we usually had someone else cooking for us, and someone else buying all the good for you food. Once we hit University, we are on our own, so to speak. We have to eat on a budget, or we eat at the school cafeteria, and we don’t really pay attention to what we are eating. It’s quick and easy, or someone else prepared it, and dished it out, so we eat it. With that said, I completely understand the need for a budget, I’ve been there, done that. Trust me. I’ve also had to eat at the cafeteria, so I know what lurks there too. BUT, you can eat really well on a budget, and you can make awesome choices at the cafeteria, and kiss that “freshman 20” good-bye once and for all!!!

First of all, do yourself the favor and EAT BREAKFAST!! I cannot stress this enough. Have something as simple as ½ cup 0% MF Greek Yogurt with some berries and a slice of whole grain toast, or opt for scrambled eggs with some veggies and a slice of whole grain toast. Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. You’ve been “starving” all night, so you have to “Break the Fast”…get that first meal into you…NO MATTER WHAT!! Your day after that will be set for success. You should eat 5 to 6 times a day, depending on how active you are!! My day usually shapes up like this:
Breakfast (7am)
Snack (10am)
Lunch (1 or 2pm)
Dinner (5 or 6pm)
Snack (8pm)
Notice that I am eating every 4 hours, not going more than 5 hours without food. I do this so that my blood sugar levels stay even all day long, giving me TONS of energy, and therefore keeping my metabolism revved all day, and making sure my “fat burning” machine is fueled.

Next most important thing: Keep active. I know that at the end of a long day in the classroom, at the library, and all of that busy student stuff, the last thing you want to do is go for a workout. But I cannot stress enough how important exercise is. Not only to your physical health but for your mental health too. When I was in school the first thing I did at the end of my day, was toss my bag in my apartment, and strap on my sneakers and went for a walk or a run. It just brought me back to life. After sitting in classes all day, or in the library, it was an excellent way to clear my head, plus it gave me some time to think about assignments, and what I had to do. It was my much needed “me time”. Trust me…so not neglect this aspect of your life. Also, when I was sitting at my table studying and I got a case of the yawns, I went for a walk, just to the end of my street or around the building. It perked me right up. And all that activity translates on the scale, I promise you.

The final way to keep that “freshman 20” from creeping up is to watch your “liquid calories”. A lot of students head out on the weekends for a real whooping good time. BUT, all of the beverages that come with that “whooping” good time really add up. I’m afraid to say, there is no low fat version of a Girls night Out. Now I’m not saying don’t have a good time…I’m just telling ya that there are an amazing amount of calories in booze. Yes, even that vodka and cranberry is full of sugar that leads to belly fat, not to mention a trip to the Poutine truck outside at the end of the night. Hehehehehe. So, yes by all means, have a great night out with the Girls, you’ve earned it. But make it 1 night and ONE night only. Drink water between cocktails. You’ll consume less booze and have stay hydrated…and for the love of Pete…skip the cheese smothered fries before you hail that cab!!!

The Girls at Inches Weight Loss are here to help you achieve your goals. We have an amazing nutrition program with certified Nutrition Specialists. We have a HUGE selection of fitness camps to choose from, if we don’t have what you are looking for, CREATE it yourself, and we’ll come and give you and your closest BFF’s your very own personal Bootcamp…how posh!!!

Blog: Don't get stuck with

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