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Healthy Lifestyle Programs: Corporate Seminars

Eight week Program (either twice or once per week)
The purpose of this eight week program is to better educate your employees in Nutrition, fitness and Healthy living. We will come to your workplace during a lunch hour and through interactive teaching we hope to provide knowledge on a wide range of topics related to Health and Wellness. The Eight week Nutrition Know-How program will include sessions on the following topics!

Reading Food Labels
What to look for? What are the best products on the shelves? Empty products will be brought for visual props! This is a favorite as the information we provide will last your employees a lifetime!

Eating out (fast food joints & restaurants)
How to order meals healthier, what to stay away from, what are the Healthier Options? Menus will be brought in from various reseteraunts and we will show your employees what to avoid and how to make modifcations to the menu and order your meal, healthy!

Statistics & Facts on the rising Health concerns in North America
Provide you with the facts and statistics surrounding the general popualtion and what is being done to prevent this. As well, we will discuss the risks of being overweight and obese and just plain unhealthy! We will also analyze the many diets in the market today and what are considered the safest and most effective.

How To lose weight the healthy way & maintain this for life
We will calculate your BMR and how many calories you need each day in order to maintain your weight, gain weight or lose weight. We will discuss Canada's Foodguide and how to create balanced meals! We will talk about serving sizes, food groups, etc!

How to stay motivated and eat healthy for life
We will provide suggestions & solutions on how to stay healhy and fit exercise and healthy eating into your employees hectic lifestyle. We have numerous tips in the kitchen and in real life that we are waiting to share with people in order for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle for life!

Sessions on modifying recipes will also be touched on & recipe makeovers will be discussed in this session! Everyone will be required to bring a sample of their modified recipe to share with the group! YUMMY!

Recipe Makeovers
Group Pot luck, everyone samples the recipes and the winner is rewared with a surprise gift!

Total Cost of this Program is only $95 per employee
A healthy lunch can also be provided each week for an additional cost