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Deborah Savage

Thanks to Inches Weight Loss fitness bootcamps for getting and keeping me off my "fence"!

We've all been there and so many people still are when it comes to self improvement. Sitting atop our self-made "fences" daydreaming of how in-shape we once were and where we should be or could be, if only the fence top wasn't so easy to stay on.

We make excuses to deal with our self-imposed feelings of guilt, "Gym memberships are too expensive, I wouldn't be able to take an hour out of my busy day or I'll dust off my treadmill tomorrow" and the mental bandaids add up until another week, month, or year(s) have passed. Still we sit and mope on our "fence" and nothing changes even though we know that you cannot repeat the same actions and expect a different outcome.

I saw the results a close friend of mine had from participating in these bootcamps a couple of years ago and thought it would be nice if I had her fitness level to even try one. I didn't know that anyone could be successful in completing their first attempt. "Bootcamp", with that label came to mind visions of Navy Seals training, "GI Jane" and any other military movie reference to fitness. I was nervous at the thought of signing up as I figured I was too out of shape to even run scared, never mind run happy.

I got the gumption to walk in and give the "Fat Shredder" camp a try the day after I read a wonderful expression on a digital display sign driving home, "If you lack the courage to start, you're already finished". If that thought repeated through my head wasn't going to get me over my fear to try, I don't know what would have at that time.

So the next day, with much trepidation, I jumped down off my fence, tip-toed through the grass I had yearned to run on one day and registered for an 8 week, 3 times a week bootcamp.

One of the many wonderful things about Inches bootcamps is the accountability. To have someone be your personal cheerleader is a powerful motivation to try your hardest and always go to the classes.

After completing the first class, I was drenched in sweat and smiling from ear to ear. I did it! I thought, I can do this and it's fun to boot! All my apprehension of what was I getting myself into was gone and replaced with anticipation of what challenges the next class would bring. It is exhilarating when you take on a challenge and complete it especially when it is not a challenge of who is the best or fastest but one of time and what is the best you can do for you!

After completing a few classes, I noticed my knee wasn't enjoying my time off the fence as much as I was. I suppose after years of just pure relaxation with the exception of a meandering stroll, it was rebelling against my new found exuberance to become a new and improved vision of fitness that I had longed to become while sitting and daydreaming. With the help of a massage therapist recommended by Naomi, not only was I able to continue on with exercise modifications in class, but I still had amazing results with inches coming off in all the right places!

With an eight week bootcamp under my belt, I was pumped to see how much more I could achieve so I immediately continued on another eight week journey to get further away from my "fence". I could see that the clichˇ of "the grass is always greener", may have more truth to it than I thought. But you know what? It isn't necessarily greener on the other side, it's just greener when you stop finding excuses to sit on your fence and complain.

To think, fourteen months ago, a nervous and apprehensive 5'10" fence-sitter walked into Inches Weight Loss at 199.5 lbs with a girth of 36", yes, a waist 3 feet around, size 14/16, and started a fantastic physical, emotional and self-confidence building trip to get not only off the fence, but leave it so far behind I can't remember why it was so appealing to sit and watch life pass by without being in it full tilt.

I now weigh 170 lbs and my waist is 29" (total inches lost overall 27"), and most of my clothes are a size 6. I have people who are in awe when I tell them I don't weigh the 120+ lbs they see me at. I have to tell them that it's not all about the weight it is all about the inches for me now. Too many people, courtesy of culture and media, are hung up on pounds and how much one weighs. Through telling friends, co-workers and family about my journey, I am thrilled to say that I have motivated a few of them to participate in bootcamps at Inches Weight Loss and they, too, are excited with their ongoing transformations. I was flattered when a friend actually thanked me for "pushing her off the fence". She is now completing her second bootcamp and excited to start a third to challenge her even more.

So, for all of you still sitting, daydreaming and making up reasons to stay comfortably miserable atop your "fence", I, a reformed "fence-sitter," am happily yelling from a great distance away, come join us, the grass is greener off the fence and you're guaranteed to love every minute of the new you! Thank you, Naomi and Inches crew, thank you!

Deborah Savage

If you are serious about losing weight...then Inches Weight Loss is the program for you. I was ready to get serious when I went to Inches Weight Loss for the initial "free" consultation and learned the basics about their program...
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I joined Inches Weight Loss to lose some weight and become healthy. My experience turned out to be a great learning experience for my whole family. The meals were easy to prepare and very tasty. My family enjoyed them and we all learned about eating healthy.
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My name is Lorna and I would like to share with you my experience with the Inches Weight Loss program. When I joined, I was 158lbs and my size 14 clothes were too tight. Eight weeks later, I reached my goal weight of 135. It is now 7 months later and my weight remains between 133 and 135. I have lost 21.5 inches and wear a size 5.
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Losing weight, hmmm, where do I begin.well let's start at the beginning! My struggle with weight started in my early 20's. I was in extreme denial that I even had a weight problem until one day after Christmas, when I was looking at some pictures and I didn't know who the fat girl was in one of the photos, until I looked real close and realized it was me!!! That started the journey.
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After having my second child in July I was determined that I would lose all the baby fat that I had kept on from my first pregnancy. I wanted to fit into my pre-baby jeans again.
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Inches Weight-Loss, what can I say about this diet.

First thing, it is not a diet. Inches encourages you and puts you on the road to healthy eating. All the meals are well proportioned, if anything there is more than you want to eat.
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After having 2 children who are now 19 and 16 I decided I needed to get the baby fat off. So for 16 years I have had this weight on. I joined INCHES in March and to date I have lost 1 1/2 lbs. per week.
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In my teens and twenties, I was always fairly active so I didn't have deal with a weight problem.. (nothing any more than 5 or 10 lbs.anyway)
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In a time long, long ago, in a land far, far away, I was thin. But then I hit my twenties and it went downhill from there. I was the type of person who avoided exercise like the plague and my food groups were fat, chocolate, salt, and sugar.
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I've always had a weight problem. Over the years, I've watched my jean size go from an 8 to a 12, and my scale weight rise from 133 lbs to 158 lbs. I am 5"1, so this weight range is very unhealthy for a woman of my stature.
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My son Sebastian approached me at the age of 57 and put forth a challenge to me, to do a 12 week physique transformation and get in better shape than had been experienced in several years. I accepted the challenge and began by checking my weight and body fat etc...
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What brought me to inches was supporting a close friend with a dream she had to be in the military. She wanted me to come and support her on her weigh in.
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Glen Dunlop
I had been going to Andy Young's Muay Thai class for a few weeks and walked past the Inches office three times a week. The reason I had joined the club in the first place was I had pretty much hit rock bottom fitness-wise. I had always struggled with fitness and was the poster-boy for the "roller-coaster" that most people who have struggled with it will understand.
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Deborah Savage
Thanks to Inches Weight Loss fitness bootcamps for getting and keeping me off my "fence"! We've all been there and so many people still are when it comes to self improvement. Sitting atop our self-made "fences" daydreaming of how in-shape we once were and where we should be or could be, if only the fence top wasn't so easy to stay on.
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